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"Mathematics" by using symbolic computation and variable precision arithmetic
Symbolic Math Toolbox to perform decoding and manipulating symbolic math expressions and provides tools to perform variable-precision arithmetic. Tools, transformation, MATLAB symbolic functions, derivatives, integration, simplification for tasks such as solving equations Leverage MuPAD engine contains hundreds.

Symbolic Math Toolbox also includes processing optimized for language and symbolic mathematical expressions operating MuPAD. This number theory and combinatorics, such as Analysis and Linear Algebra, such as special areas, public areas such as math library provides MuPAD functions. You can extend the functionality of the symbolic functions and libraries in the MuPAD language has been constructed by private writing. All functions from the MATLAB command line or NoteBook MuPAD interface, where you can manage and symbolic calculations can be accessed from the document. Derivative, integral, for simplification

MATLAB symbolic function transformations and equation solving
Variable precision arithmetic capabilities
Symbolic language of mathematics for operating MuPAD expressions
MuPAD libraries and special areas, such as account number theory and combinatorics and linear algebra covering areas such as the common mathematical MATLAB, C, Fortran, MathML and TeX for converting symbolic expressions
embedded text, graphics, interfaces with a laptop computer and typewriter MuPAD documentation and mathematical calculations are done using the MuPAD language
To manage the functions of editor and MuPAD symbolic Symbolic Math Toolbox 5.2 and now can download free to write custom debugger libraries.

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